Projects & Work in Schools

The BSCWT team is at work in most of the schools in the Brentwood area. Some schools we visit to take assemblies, whilst at others we are involved in lessons and lunchtime groups as well.

We provide chaplains to some of the schools, and these chaplains can offer a listening ear to pupils who may need some extra support or someone to talk to.

It’s all about helping young people and staff in schools, especially helping them explore what Christianity is all about.

Primary Schools


Our primary school clubs are great fun to be at – there are usually games and other activities helping pupils to discover the meaning of Christianity and all that stuff the Bible talks about. We currently run lunchtime clubs at several primary schools.


Sue, Joan and Ian are all involved in taking regular assemblies in many primary schools. Each assembly focuses on helping pupils to reflect on some aspect of life and how the Christian faith relates to it.


We take a variety of lessons in primary schools. They might be RE lessons about prayer, the Bible, Jesus or some other aspect of Christianity. Or they might be PSHE lessons considering aspects of life where there is some spirituality involved.

We also offer some other special lessons known as Bible Explorer, a series of 5 exciting lessons exploring what the Bible is all about.

Our "It's Your Move" project is for year 6 classes in the summer term to help them in preparing to move to secondary school. As part of the project, pupils are given a great book, also called It’s Your Move, which is often donated by a local church.

Special Projects

Often at Easter time or Christmas time we will put on special projects for primary schools to help pupils explore the meaning of these festivals.

Secondary Schools


There are two kinds of lunchtime clubs that we run or support in secondary schools:


Mary and Ian are both involved in taking assemblies in several secondary schools. Each assembly comes from a Christian perspective and is designed to encourage pupils to reflect on some aspect of spiritual life.


We take a variety of lessons in secondary schools, often within RE or PSHE, and these are designed to fit in with the school syllabus. We have led lessons on subjects such as The Meaning of Christmas, Is There a God?, What is Church?, and Sex & Relationships.

Special Projects

There are some other special projects that we run from time to time, such as the GSUS Live project which last visited Brentwood’s secondary schools from 21st February to 27th March 2009.

Pupil Support

In some schools, we also provide support for individuals or small groups of students. This support can take various forms such as one-to-one mentoring or group work dealing with issues such as anger management or self-esteem. 

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